Bulldog Summer Camp

Sport Performance and Wrestling

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Bulldog Summer Camp! This camp will be a combination of a sport performance training and wrestling through fun games and drills. The wrestling room has wall to wall mats so wrestling shoes are recommended but not required. Campers will improve athletic skills by participating in speed/agility drills and strength training, while learning wrestling skills to improve overall athletic ability. The students will also participate in plenty of sport games as well to learn the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. 

Director: The camp will be directed by Ryan Corbosiero who is a physical education teacher at Charles H. Bullock Elementary School. Coach Corbosiero is also the head wrestling coach at Montclair High School and has been a strength & conditioning coach and fitness trainer for over 10 years.

Day at a Glance: Students will first participate in a warmup consisting of light cardio, form running, tumbling, and some dynamic stretching to improve mobility and flexibility.  This will help students with their range of motion, decrease the risk of injury, and lengthen their muscles to help them recover and get stronger. Then, we will play a fun interactive game which will focus on improving the social and emotional wellbeing of each participant. Afterwards, we will take a short break to have some water and a light snack.  Once the break is over, the athletes will participate in drills to improve speed and agility consisting of cone drills, agility ladders, hurdles, and plyometric drills. Next, students will execute strength and conditioning exercises such as bodyweight movements, light medicine ball training, resistance band exercises and learn proper and safe weight training techniques. Following these activities, the students will have a well needed lunch break to replenish nutrients and rehydrate. The afternoon session will consist of improving wrestling skills by participating in drills, games, and techniques. Sport games will also be included throughout the day. 

Lunch: Students will be responsible for bringing their own lunch/snacks (NUT FREE) and their own water bottle (or 2) with their name labeled on it.  Please let the directors know of any allergy or health information before camp begins. 

Wrestling is a sport that is more demanding in the physical preparedness than other sports and will help each athlete increase their self-confidence and self-discipline to improve overall athletic ability. Campers will be split up between novice and advanced throughout the day. Beginning wrestlers and athletes welcome! 

We look forward to having a fun-filled summer improving your child’s performance in sports and wrestling!

Take Care,
Coach Corbosiero

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