Enrichment and Club Offerings

Enrichment Offering Description Time Duration Staff Member
3D Printing Combines the process of 3D design and the printing of the final project. During School - Class Marking Periods 3-4 Mr. Smith
Advisories Students meet as a group with their homeroom to discuss issues in their lives. During School - Class Year Long All Homeroom Teachers
Conversational Spanish Students with advanced speaking skills increase fluency and prepare to enter high school in an upper level Spanish class. During School - Class - Audition Only Year Long Mr. Anagnostis
Community Service A critical part of the Renaissance experience, students are placed throughout the community and neighboring schools. During School - Class One Marking Period Ms. Doyle
Discovery Zone Enrichment class that includes topics such as: Current Events→ Watching CNN Student news, Geography Now, and Flocabulary videos; reading articles from websites like Dogo News, TweenTribune and Newsela. Debates→ Classroom debates to discuss current event topics. During School - Class Semester Class Ms. Dunn
Drama Club Students write their own stage plays and perform. Depending on the group of students, music becomes more incorporated. After School September-May TBD
Drawing and Composition Learn the classical drawing techniques of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Learn a number of techniques to help you develop your fine drawing skills. During School - Class Semester Long Course Ms. Korotkin
Dungeons & Dragons The classic role-playing game in a mentored environment. After School - Friday Year Long Mr. Woodward
History Beyond the Curriculum Students discuss the key events that took place at the end of the Reconstruction (1976) Analysis of the Spanish/American/Cuban War, etc. During School - Class Offered by semester, can be taken both Fall and Spring Mr. R. Jackson
Film Appreciation Club In this club students explore classic films styles and produce 10-minute independent films expressing what they learned. After School - Thursday Mr. Garzon
Film Making Students create films from their own imaginations from various genres, including writing the screenplay, storyboarding, developing camera angles, and shooting the film. During School - Class Semester Long Course Ms. Korotkin
Futsol Indoor soccer, players of all skill levels are welcome to learn how to play soccer through scrimmage. After School - Friday January-June Mr. Khan & Mr. Gazzillo
Gardening A sub-section of community service that cares for the natural plant areas and vegetable gardens on the Renaissance property. During School One Marking Period TBA
Geography Bee Testing Geography knowledge in a competition setting. After School ~January Ms. Dunn
Glee Club If you love to sing and perform old school, new school, and original students compositions. During School - Class Year Long Ms. Spagnuolo
Geometry (8th Grade) Students may take this elective math class in addition to their regular algebra class. During School - Class Year Long Mr. Bousel
Illusion of Depth How do comic book artists make their pictures look so real? Learn the many ways that artists create 3D images with the Illusion of Depth. During School - Class Semester Course Ms. Korotkin
Issues Groups Females and males attend separate small groups meetings to go through issues relevant to them in their everyday lives. During School - Lunch - 5 week sessions Students are all scheduled at various times throughout the year Mr. Citro (Coordinator/Male Counselor) TBD (Female Counselor)
Italian This class introduces students to the basics of the Italian language. Emphasis is on oral communication and vocabulary is taught in context of Italian culture. During School Semester Long Course Ms. Doyle
Magic Monday Players of all skill and experience levels come to learn and play Magic the Gathering in a mentored environment. During School - Monday - Lunch Year Long Mr. Gazzillo
Math Forum 6th & 7th Grade students have Math Forum integrated into their math curriculum for enrichment. During School - within Math Year Long Mr. Khan
Model Congress Students are on a committee and debate the issues using parliamentary procedure. During School November Ms. Thomas
Model UN A competition at Montclair High School. You are assigned a committee and country. During School Spring Ms. Thomas
Painting (8th Grade) Introduction to painting and color theory/mixing and a variety of techniques and subjects ranging from self portraits and landscapes, to still life and abstract painting. During School - Class Semester Long Course Ms. Korotkin
Peer Leadership A club that promotes respect and pro-social behaviors and attitudes. Students apply in November and if accepted in the club, they are coached and become ambassadors to the rest of the student body. During School - During Advisories December-June Mr. Citro
Photography Students use their own cameras or phones to explore different genres of photography and create a portfolio of their own images. During School - Class Semester, offered in Fall/Spring Ms. Hittel
Plant Club Caring for the plants of Renaissance During School - Lunch Year Long Ms. Cullen
Robotics Teams of students prepare for a national robotics competition. After School September-December Mr. Smith
Rock Band Students audition for this high-level music group, that performs classic and modern rock songs. During School - Class - Audition Only Year long commitment Ms. Spagnuolo
Rogate Students have the opportunity to attend 1-2 academic lectures at participating universities and will be afforded an opportunity to take the SATs. During School/After School November-June Mr. Bousel
Students for an Equitable World: SEW Students learn about global poverty, take action to create change, becoming entrepreneurs who make and sell jewelry to support families in need. During School - Class Semester courses offered, beginning in the Fall and advanced In Fall Ms. Korotkin
Science Fair All students create a Science Fair Project and display it at the school-wide Science Fair. During/After School Late Winter/Spring Ms. Cullen, Ms. Hittel, Mr. Smith
Science Olympiad Students prepare for and compete in a science competition designed to test all branches of science and the scientific method. During School - Class -After School- Weekends September-January Mr. Smith
Student Council Students can run for office, help with fundraising, and the general betterment of the school. Occasional requirements during the school day and meetings after school Elections in early Fall, year long commitment Ms. Dunn
Survivor Students learn about all kinds of survival skills, safety in varied outdoor environments, and how to react in emergency situations. We also build a comprehensive survivor kit for each student. During School - Class - Friday One Semester Mr. Smith
Yearbook Compiling pictures and memories from the year at Renaissance for the yearbook. During and After school, as needed Full year TBA
Web Design 7th Grade Students have the opportunity to become equipped with the tools they need to create a website. They start with a website composer and move on to learn basic HTML. During School Semester Mr. Prasarn
World Friday class in which students learn about geography skills and culture skills. Majority of the class is having students create their own countries by going through phases. Phase 1: Working on projects to build up points. Phase 2: War - Using points earned in Phase 1 to simulate a war to have one victorious country. Phase 3: Peace - All countries coming together after "war" to participate in creating a peace treaty. During School - Class Semester/Year Long Commitment Ms. Dunn
World Wars History enthusiasts delve into the fascinating details of the World Wars. During School - Class Semester/Year Long Commitment Ms. Thomas
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